CogRes Comment: Dr. Peter McCullough’s MUST WATCH bombshell interview about the disastrous lack of early treatment for COVID 19

6 June 2021


It has been eye-opening to watch a whole series of benevolent medical professionals, like Dr Peter McCullough, following a similar trajectory due to the response to COVID-19.

With tales of suppressed treatments, safe guarding Big Pharma profits, fake studies in established journals and a cover up of vaccine damage, conventional practitioners of medicine are, reluctantly, sounding an awful lot like what some would smear as “conspiracy theorists”.

The key question is “Why?”

Starting out from positions of confidence in our hallowed medical institutions, such as the NIH, FDA, CDC, AMA, MHRA, BMA, Lancet, NEJM etc, some of our best medics have gradually come to realise through their experience of the counterproductive response to the COVID pandemic, that something is very, very wrong.

We’ve seen Dr. Tess Lawrie, co-founder of BIRD, world-class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization, mystified at the strange reaction to her insightful systematic meta-analyses of clinical trails demonstrating beyond all doubt the successful use of Ivermectin in treating COVID.

Dr Pierre Kory and his associated doctors at the FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance), who are absolutely stunned by attempts to prevent them from treating their sick patients by authorities that appear to prefer them “left for dead”

Dr Simone Gold and the America’s Frontline Doctors, are having to fight a protracted battle against dispassionate regulatory authorities, just to prescribe their patients a relatively safe, decades old generic medication like Hydroxychloroquine.

Dr Peter McCullough, the subject of this video, is yet another doctor to experience a rude awakening by the irrationalities of the COVID response. Full of compassion and consideration for his patients, as well as being an erudite and well published scholar, Dr Peter McCullough has been branded a danger to be feared, smeared, censored and banned. A doctor with a conscience has become unacceptable in these dreadful times.

A doctor with a conscience has become unacceptable in these times of COVID dread

Brenton Asari, Cogres

In this video Dr Peter McCullough answers a series of questions that shine a spotlight on the behaviour of the authorities, that would suggest that they simply do not have the well-being of the public at heart. Far from it, they are prepared to see many thousands if not millions of us die ,as collateral damage in the achievement of their ulterior goals.

To paraphrase some of the questions posed by Interviewer John Leake to Dr McCullough :-

  • Given that it was well known from the very early days of the Pandemic that COVID’s main victims were the elderly, how did it become an international policy to cast out the elderly from hospitals, for supposed benefit of the young, who were relatively unaffected by COVID ?
  • How did it become state policy for COVID infected patients to be forced into care home without any Coronavirus testing, thereby putting at risk elderly care home residents who then died in their tens of thousands ?
  • How did it become state policy to de-prioritise the availability of scant PPE resources to care homes, given that they were bearing the brunt of the pandemic ?
  • Given that from time immemorial it has been known that we do not leave a sickness or infection to fester, but treat it at the earliest available opportunity, how did it become state policy to do absolutely nothing to treat Coronavirus infected people for the first few weeks of their infection, but to wait until they are practically blue in the face and can no longer breathe, before they are admitted to hospital ?
  • If we had absolutely no COVID policy for the treatment of the sick and infected (except perhaps banishing them from their friends and families), why did we have policies in abundance completely focused on perfectly healthy people (aka asymptomatic carriers) ?
  • How is it that regulatory authorities and medical hierarchy, conspired and plotted to quash and suppress the use of any potential medication that might alleviate the symptoms of COVID, or even perhaps prevent the infection from being contracted in the first place ?
  • As useful as vaccines can be in the spectrum of medications, why was an experimental vaccine that we still won’t know the long term effects of for some time, the only remedy that was deemed acceptable by the authorities for Coronavirus, and most potential therapeutic treatments cast into the dustbin ?
  • Why are categories of people that were completely excluded from the vaccine clinical trials, like pregnant women and COVID recovered patients, included in the vaccine rollout with little foreknowledge of what risks they may face ?
  • Why are we breaking the time-honoured tradition of only using inert vaccines with pregnant women, and now injecting them with biologically active substances at such a crucial and sensitive time in their lives ?

Dr Peter McCullough’s long but information dense interview, is sure to illuminate these and other issues around the miscalculated response to the COVID pandemic, as well as raising many important questions that some simply do not want to be asked … or discussed.

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