• Who are you?

    Our writers and contributors are a collective of people with very different interests, backgrounds, ages, religious and political beliefs. What brings us together is our need to defend and restore social, economic and political sovereignty.

  • Why did you create this website?

    The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst that incited the creation of this website. Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed a ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ towards an Orwellian society, typified by propaganda, mass surveillance, disinformation and denial of reality reminiscent of ‘doublethink’.

    However, the pandemic has provided the justification needed to accelerate this process. What was once a tiptoe is now a sprint: governments, corporations and Big Pharma are huge benefactors in a global power grab never before seen by the human race.

  • What is Cognitive Resonance?

    Cognitive dissonance (n.): the psychological state of internal ‘cognition’ and thoughts conflicting with external events

    Cognitive resonance (n.) : the harmony between thoughts and actions causing resonance with others on the same wavelength

    Currently the world is operating under the antithesis of cognitive resonance, known as cognitive dissonance, a state where the events in the external world, conflict with the our cognition, knowledge, beliefs and values we hold dear. The conflict of internal and external causes a deep sense of unease or dissonance.

    Like tuning forks, we seek to resonate with other like-minded individuals, who feel the deep sense of injustice that we do.

    Cognitive Resonance tunes out of the white noise of propaganda and disinformation and tune into the signal of humanity, truth and freedom.

  • What is your mission?

    We believe the birth rights of people across the world are in existential jeopardy and our mission is to highlight the dangers of handing over these rights to political and corporate institutions and attempt to reclaim our power.

    We curate credible news stories that prove there is an ongoing centralisation and abuse of power across the globe. We share news only from mainstream sources without fear-mongering, theorising or embellishing what is proven and provable.

  • Are you affiliated with a particular political party?

    No – we have no political or corporate affiliations. As individuals, we all have different beliefs, so we share credible and well-evidenced information from anywhere on the political spectrum. This crisis transcends the divisions of Left and Right. It is the greatest human rights issue in the modern world.

  • Where are you getting your funding?

    Our contributors are digital activists working on a voluntary basis with no external funding. We would gratefully receive individual donations if you feel our purpose resonates with you.

  • How do I get involved?

    Please do share our content and drop us a line at ‘info at cogres.org’ if you want to be a contributor.

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