News Thump: Holiday options narrow to Swansea or Falkland Islands

Islas Malvinas
Photo by Vijay Chander on Unsplash


With a range of new laws on the statute books in the UK with more to come, Richard Medhurst asks is Britain becoming a totalitarian state and just where is the opposition?

As the UK puts more countries on its Red and Amber lists, only damp, bleak places remain as possible holiday destinations.

After over a year stuck at home, Simon Williams is desperately searching for a nice summer holiday for his family.

“My wife and I have been working really hard and our daughter will be taking her GCSEs next year – we just all need a little break, just for a week or two,” said Simon.

“But with travel options increasingly limited, everywhere in the UK has been booked up for the summer. Well, everywhere except Swansea, which is understandable.

“And the Green list of countries now appears to be down to Australia – which we can’t really afford – and the Falkland Islands.

“So basically, if we want a change of scenery we have to go to a grey, depressing place with shitty weather and where there’s not much to do except visit sheep farms.

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