The Conversation: Why the UK government is paying social media influencers to post about coronavirus

22 March 2021


Google “Operation Mockingbird” and “77th Brigade”. Other search engines are available

Update: The NHS have now began a campaign of unpaid ‘collaborations’ with social media influencers, encouraging young people to take a COVID-19 vaccine. One such video can be found here.

The UK government has taken a bold step by working with influencers to try to stop the spread of coronavirus. It has paid several social media influencers and reality TV stars to promote the NHS test and trace service – the system used when someone tests positive for COVID-19 to work out who else might be at risk after coming in contact with them.

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social media influencers discuss personal experiences, good or bad, with their followers. They see such sharing as more sincere and trustworthy than content coming from elsewhere.

Elvira Bolat in the Conversation
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