Heart Problems After Covid Are Much Worse for the Vaccinated, Nature Study Shows… – Dr. Clare Craig/The Daily Sceptic

21 February 2022

“But It’s Hidden in the Appendix”


Diagnostic Pathologist Dr Clare Craig, looks at the fine print of a recent Nature Medicine paper “Long-term cardiovascular outcomes of COVID-19”.

Dr Craig, who co-chairs the HART group says the paper reveals ” a significant risk of myocarditis after vaccination” but that this is “hidden in the supplementary appendix”.

Nature published a comprehensive study this week on cardiovascular risk including a total of over 11 million patients that has made a few headlines. The aim was to identify the cause of increased cardiac pathology. It should have been a very simple study comparing four groups:

  1. Not infected and never vaccinated 
  2. Not infected and vaccinated 
  3. Infected but not vaccinated
  4. Infected and vaccinated 

It is hard to believe the authors did not look at these groups, but whatever was found when comparing them remains a mystery.

Instead, the following groups were compared:

  1. Not infected and never vaccinated data from 2017
  2. Not infected, including vaccinated and not vaccinated
  3. Infected but not vaccinated
  4. Infected with vaccinated people included but using modelled adjustments

When studies with huge datasets use modelling and fail to share data prior to their adjustments alarm bells should start ringing. Therefore, I took a deeper dive to see what else was questionable.

The evidence on vaccination risks was hidden and not presented in a meaningful way for different age groups. Even then, they demonstrated a significant risk of myocarditis after vaccination, particularly after then encountering the virus but this key finding was hidden in the supplementary appendix. Why?

Dr Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist and Co- Chair

There were serious biases in the paper which need addressing but first let’s look at the critical question of myocarditis (heart inflammation).

Because of the known risk of myocarditis from vaccination it is worth looking particularly closely at the data presented on this. Oddly, for the issue of the day, the data on myocarditis was all hidden in the supplementary appendix to the paper.

The risk of myocarditis appears to be an autoimmune (the immune system attacking the heart after interaction with the spike protein) rather than direct damage by the virus/vaccine spike protein. Therefore, myocarditis could result from the virus or the vaccine. The key question that needs answering is whether vaccination protects or enhances the risk from the virus.

Read Dr Clare Craig’s piece in the Daily Sceptic

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