CogRes Comment: Times says scientists condemn HART report questioning role of vaccine in second wave deaths

8 April 2021
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“Scientists condemn report questioning role of vaccine in second wave deaths” declares the Times Science Editor
Tom Whipple about a report from a collection of academics at Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART).
Naturally, we at CogRes wondered what was so worthy of condemnation via a bastion of British journalism …

The Times (of London) has described the condemnation of a report by the academics Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART) questioning role of vaccine in second wave of COVID19 deaths in the UK. The controversial Hart report “COVID-19: an overview of the evidence” is said to have the backing of eminent statesmen such as Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the UK Conservative party’s influential 1922 Committee as well as former Supreme Court Judge, Lord Jonathan Sumption.

What is HART, and has the statistical analysis of the COVID pandemic become “too hot to handle” ? How could the second wave “COVID” deaths be somehow related to “safe and effective” COVID19 vaccines in the condemned report, and what do Sir Graham Brady and Lord Jonathan Sumption have to do with all of this?

So what is “HART” ?

Who are these “Academics from large British universities” that are responsible for a “ridiculous” and “bizarre” report that’s been condemned by “Senior Scientists” ?

A quick internet search for HART led to an illuminating article on journalist Toby Young’s “Lockdown Skeptics” website Here’s the Evidence Lockdowns Do More Harm Than Good . The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts

The HART group includes some distinguished academics such as Dr John Lee, Dr Clare Craig, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Joel Smalley, Prof David Livermore, Prof David Seedhouse, Prof David Paton and Dr Gary Sidley.

But if their report warranted the condemnation treatment by “Senior Scientists”, what did this HART group of “Junior Non-Scientists” (by implication) actually say that was so disturbing ?

we noted that the January peak in Covid cases and deaths correlated both in time and geographically with the mass roll-out of the novel vaccines.


The report

With over 50 pages of meticulously referenced evidence from specialists in their fields, HART’s report looks like a veritable treasure of relevant and useful information and analysis on various aspects of the pandemic response.

It shows beyond doubt that the frantic responses to the pandemic from governments around the world have often been ineffective, if not downright damaging and counterproductive.

Sir Graham Brady has attracted the wrath of the Times for describing the controversial academic report as a “helpful review of the evidence” and “grim but important reading”, while Lord Jonathan Sumption refers to HART’s report as “scrupulously referenced specialist research”

We believe that honourable MPs like Sir Graham Brady, in making their parliamentary deliberations, are right to consider the full spectrum of scientific opinion and evidence, and not be corralled into limited perspectives by the “Call to Authority” logical fallacy of self-declared “Senior Scientists”

“Lockdowns serve no useful purpose and cause catastrophic societal and economic harms. They must never be repeated in this country.”

Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART)

Following is the full list of articles in the HART report “COVID-19: an overview of the evidence

Which of the articles shines a light on the controversial “role of vaccines in second wave deaths” ?

Which of the articles do the self-appointed “Senior Scientists” find so objectionable ?

What do you think ?

This report is a helpful review of the evidence showing the devastating consequences of lockdown in terms of missed diagnoses, deferred treatments and the crisis in mental health, especially for children and young people. It makes grim but important reading.

Sir Graham Brady MP

COVID-19: an overview of the evidence (PDF)

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