BBC: Swiss cheese model – Vaccines alone will not stop Covid spreading

25 April 2021
Slice of swiss cheese


“Life will go back to normal once we flatten the curve, sorry, once we have a vaccine and the vulnerable are protected, sorry, once everyone is vaccinated, sorry …. scratch that….”

Hard to read this “swiss cheese model” applied to the pandemic, as anything other than preparing the way to extending the power to curb our freedoms. What say you?

Many of us are hoping vaccines against coronavirus will be our route out of lockdown, enabling us to reclaim our old lives. But scientists say jabs alone will not currently be enough and other measures are still needed.

The problem is that no single measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus is 100% effective, and that includes vaccines.

Read the article on the “Swiss cheese model” on the BBC News website

…no vaccine is ever 100% and there is a chance we might catch the virus or pass it on even after our jab.

Michelle Roberts and the BBC Visual Journalism Team

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