Greyzone: 5 former OPCW officials join prominent voices to call out Syria cover-up

14 March 2021


This story of the investigation into an alleged cover up of what may have been a staged chemical attack in Syria, which prompted military action by western powers, should be heavily scrutinised. Worth your time getting to grips with the details. You will not hear this on the nightly news in the US or UK. Surprised?

Aaron Mate of Greyzone reports on what appears to be a cover up of the OPCW investigation into an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government. Former high ranking UN personnel and the former head of the OPCW are amongst those calling for the truth to be revealed.

…these lies can lead to war. We know the consequences from the Iraq War of going to war based on lies.

Aaron Mate, The Greyzone (speaking on FoxNews)

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