19 yrs ago today the Iraq War began – DDN

20 March 2022
iraqi sandstorm


As war continues to ravage Ukraine following the Russian invasion, DDN looks back at another Illegal invasion of a sovereign nation; the Iraq War.

How tellingly different the UK mainstream media coverage to that invasion by the “Coalition of the Willing” (i.e the USA and UK aka “The International Community”) was.
“Cheerleading” doesn’t quite capture it.

He (UK Prime Minister Tony Blair) said they would be able to take Baghdad without a bloodbath and that in the end the Iraqis would be celebrating and on both those points he has been proved conclusively right and it would be entirely ungracious, even for his critics, not to acknowledge that tonight he stands as a larger man and a stronger prime minister.

Andrew Marr, BBC Political Editor during at start of the Iraq war in 2003

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