The Guardian (Stephanie Hare): Give pause before you raise a glass to the prospect of a vaccine passport

6 April 2021
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Stephanie Hare touches on some of key concerns surrounding the introduction of a vaccine passport. She notes that the Conservative government was pushing for ID cards even before COVID-19.

However we don’t think she emphasises enough the extreme ramifications of excluding individuals of society based on their health choices.

The prime minister’s ‘papers for pints’ scheme is nothing less than a national ID card by stealth says the Guardian’s Stephanie Hare

God, I miss the pub. I miss pushing through the door and diving into a pool of sound, all chatter and laughter and sport on the telly. I miss the sight of people’s faces, friendly and relaxed and a bit flushed. I miss finding friends gathered around a table, bantering and gossiping, pausing only to place their order when I ask if anyone needs a drink. I miss weaving through the crowd, taking care not to spill pints or drop crisp packets, catching a flirty glance from a stranger out of the corner of my eye.

What I would give to go to the pub this evening and talk with my friends about everything and nothing. Since many of us work in technology, at some point the government’s “vaccine passports for the pub” plan would come up.

I’d say it is dumb. They would tell me that, no, I am the one who is dumb. We’d hash it out, order another round and set the world to rights. Sadly, it’s a conversation we won’t be having. We’re in lockdown. None of us has tasted a proper pint in months. We’ve had to debate what the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has called “papers for pints” over WhatsApp and FaceTime while sitting at home and walking in the park.

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Ministers have been telling us that there are no plans for vaccine passports, while funding eight pilot schemes.

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