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19 September 2021
Sajid Javid


A positive development!

The world-weary cynics in us wonder if the flipping, flopping, scrapping of vaccine passport plans in England isn’t merely a tactical retreat by the UK government. Could they be waiting for a time with worsening pandemic indicators and greater fear levels?

Have the varied levels of resistance to the Orwellian plans for digital passes, from protesters, civil liberties groups, businesses, MPs and the wider public had an effect? Has reason actually prevailed?

We shall see.

Plans to introduce vaccine passports for access into nightclubs and large events in England will not go ahead, the health secretary has said.

Sajid Javid told the BBC: “We shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it.”

He said the government had looked at the evidence, adding: “I’m pleased to say we will not be going ahead.”

It was thought the plan, which came under criticism from venues and some MPs, would be introduced at the end of this month.

No 10 stressed it would be kept “in reserve” should it be needed over autumn or winter.

Under the scheme, people would have been required to show proof – whether of double vaccination, a negative Covid test or finishing self-isolating after a positive PCR test – in order to gain entry to clubs and other crowded events.

The Night Time Industries Association warned the plans could have crippled the industry and seen nightclubs facing discrimination cases.

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“I’ve never liked the idea of saying to people you must show your papers or something to do what is just an everyday activity, but we were right to properly look at it.

“We’ve looked at it properly and, whilst we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I’m pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports.”

UK Health Secreatry, Sajid Javid
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