The Guardian: Manchester schools to launch study into children’s wellbeing after Covid

2 April 2021


This article highlights the effects Covid-19 measures are having on British children. The extreme control of movements, social isolation and bombardment of negative media particularly harm the minds of the most vulnerable.

An unprecedented study into the wellbeing of British children is to be conducted across Manchester’s schools, as new research suggests two-thirds of parents believe it should be prioritised over academic attainment.

The Greater Manchester young people’s wellbeing programme will gather data from tens of thousands of young people across 250 secondary schools in the city in an attempt to change their perception as “people who get GCSE results”, according to the programme’s creator.

The first study of its kind in the country, the wellbeing programme will begin this autumn and will seek to ascertain young people’s feelings and concerns as well as their levels of physical activity. The information gathered will be used to help better target resources as children try to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read the article in the Guardian here

… all Covid has done, as the tide has gone out, is expose the pebbles we knew existed…For me, our education system has become too focused on attainment.

-david gregson
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