CABA: Supporting your mental wellbeing in lockdown

6 April 2021
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Maintaining good mental and emotional health during these testing times is certainly proving a challenge for many. Here are a few tips on how to do just that from CABA. See what, if anything you might add to your selfcare toolkit

If you find that you’re struggling and are looking for ways to manage your mental wellbeing, try some of these tips.

Establish a routine

It’s an idea that’s bandied around a lot, but if you find yourself having to spend more time confined to your home, it’s vital to maintain a sense of routine. Without one, it becomes far too easy to slip into bad habits, to give into anxiety or to dwell on negative thoughts.

Exercise regularly

Try to move around as much as possible. If you’re unable to visit the gym, try to follow an online workout, though it’s important that you remember to exercise safely and within the limits of your own body. There are a huge number of routines available for all levels of fitness.

Learn something new

When has there been a better opportunity to finally start that book you’ve been meaning to read, or learn a new language? Working on a project can be a great way of adding structure and fulfilment to a potentially daunting period of time at home.

Maintain some control

If you’ve found yourself confined by new lockdown restrictions, it may begin to feel as though you have little control over your life. It’s important to remember though, that there are areas you can always control. You are able to influence and control things within your own home, as well as how you act when you venture outside, so try not to lose sight of that. Recognising and accepting this will help to alleviate some of the anxieties brought on by being stuck inside.

Keep up social contact

Try, in whatever way possible, to speak to your friends and family as often as you can. Share your thoughts and feelings – it’s likely that you won’t be alone in them – and consider offering yourself up as a listening ear to your loved ones. It will provide you with a sense of purpose and give your day some meaning.

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