New Statesman: How Palantir is quietly extending its reach through the British state

13 February 2021
Tula, Russia - November 11, 2020: Palantir Technolgies logo on iPhone display.
SIGNAL: CIA backed data analysis firm Palantir adds to its NHS contract with new arrangements with the UK Ministry of Defence and more

As Palantir’s executives were preparing over the summer to release shares publicly for the first time, they faced a challenge: how do you convince investors to buy into a 17-year-old company that has never turned a profit?

To make matters worse, the data analysis firm had become closely associated with a president whose days in the White House appeared to be numbered. Under Trump’s administration, Palantir had secured a landmark $800m contract to build a battlefield software platform for the US military. And its founder, Peter Thiel, had been Trump’s most high-profile supporter in Silicon Valley. (Read the full story in the New Statesman)

“as the company carves out a larger role for itself in Whitehall and the wider public sector, the government stands accused of keeping the public in the dark about how it intends to work with Big Tech in the years ahead.”


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