Daily Mash: Six tips for success not as effective as ‘have wealthy parents’

17 August 2021


We all need advice, and to follow it, to make the most of ourselves. Six key tips for success from the Daily Mash.

You can do this!!

STRUGGLING to make something of yourself? Try these honest, hard-working tips and still lose out to someone with millionaire parents: 

Remove distractions

Hobbies, dating, personal possessions – all of these things get in the way of you and your success, so get rid of them and start living like a monk. With a bit of luck your focused approach might get you an entry level job at the company your rich-parented friend has been running for five years.

Think positively

Are you looking at the glass as half-empty, or half-full? Or are you looking at the lead crystal glass being held by a twat wearing a family crest sovereign ring? If it’s the latter, keep thinking positive anyway. That way your failure will be less depressing.

Read the other four crucial tips you can follow and still be less successful than your mates with wealthy parents, read the story on the Daily Mash

even if your dad didn’t have columns in several broadsheet newspapers which you’ve inherited, you can still tick ‘buy new underwear’ off your list of hopes and dreams.

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