Jennifer Arcuri slams the PM: ‘This imposter parading around Number 10 is not a man I know at all.’ – GB News

2 August 2021


Jennifer Arcuri shot to prominence though her friendship and romantic link with UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

In this sensational, eyebrow-raising interview on the much-maligned GB News, Arcuri says that she is not alone in thinking “the man we knew is gone”, adding very dark hints about the consequences of “whatever they have on him”.

Intriguing, to say the very least.

Mark Dolan: What would you say to (Boris Johnson) if you spoke to him this evening?

Jennifer Arcuri: I would say: “tell them about the meeting that occurred 10 days before the lockdown with the Bank of England and I want to know how that government was refinanced.”

“tell them about the crash that already happened that no one’s giving ears to because we’re going to hide it…

…let’s talk about those meetings behind close doors. Let’s talk about what’s really going on because that’s not been allowed to be talked about on the media.

so let’s talk about the new financing, where we’re going with this and what these lockdowns are really for…”

…the Prime Minister must remember that, whatever his weakness and whatever they have on him, do not matter when it comes to the millions of people who are depending on him.”

Jennifer Arcuri being interviewed by Mark dolan on GB news
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