Pandemic Podcast with Dan Astin-Gregory: Forgotten Victims of the NHS COVID Response with Professor Karol Sikora

23 May 2021
Portrait of NHS worker on wall
Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash


Podcast guest Professor Karol Sikora believes there are at least 30,000 people who either have undiagnosed cancers or have been diagnosed too late. This, he argues, is a direct consequence of focusing on Covid-19 at the expense of all other conditions, either by closing down NHS services or by deterring us from seeking help through the campaign of fear.

At the peak of the pandemic around 200,000 cancer screenings were missed per week in the UK, a total of over 3 million fewer in 2020.

650,000 cancer patients had their treatment disrupted, and over half of those people said they believed the disruption would impact their survival chances.

Macmillan, The Forgotten ‘c’ – The impact
of Covid-19 ‘C’?on cancer care

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