“New Pfizer drug and Ivermectin” – Dr John Campbell

9 November 2021

New Pfizer antiviral and ivermectin, a pharmacodynamic analysis


Carefully worded to avoid the censors, Dr John Campbell lays out the case for Ivermectin as a cheap, effective treatment for COVID 19. Campbell uses clinical research to explain Ivermectin’s method of action, similar to the effects of far more expensive and seemingly less effective pharmaceuticals recently approved for use.

Will this video stay up?

Will decision makers see sense?

I’ve got a message here for world leaders. People that are making decisions about this.

“Come on you all. You’re not a horse, you’re not a cow. ..you’ve got a human intellect. Let’s use it to follow the scientific evidence to save human pain, suffering and death.”

Medical educator Dr John Campbell

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