Healthline: The 15 Best Supplements to Boost Your Immune System Right Now

30 March 2021


We’re not dispensing medical advice but this Healthline guide to supplementing your diet to boost your immune system certainly can’t hurt!

Keeping your immune system healthy year-round is key to preventing infection and disease. Making healthy lifestyle choices by consuming nutritious foods and getting enough sleep and exercise are the most important ways to bolster your immune system. Supplements can work in conjunction to optimising your lifestyle, here are 15 of the best according to Healthline…

  1. Vitamin D

Many people are deficient in this important vitamin, which may negatively affect immune function. In fact, low vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of upper respiratory tract infections, including influenza and allergic asthma.

2. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that is essential for immune system function.

It is needed for immune cell development and communication and plays an important role in inflammatory response.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the function of various immune cells and enhances their ability to protect against infection. It’s also necessary for cellular death, which helps keep your immune system healthy by clearing out old cells and replacing them with new ones.

3. Elderberry

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra), which has long been used to treat infections, is being researched for its effects on immune health.

In test-tube studies, elderberry extract demonstrates potent antibacterial and antiviral potential against bacterial pathogens responsible for upper respiratory tract infections and strains of the influenza virus.

4. Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used since ancient times to prevent and treat infection and disease. Many types of medicinal mushrooms have been studied for their immune-boosting potential.

Over 270 recognized species of medicinal mushrooms are known to have immune-enhancing properties.

Cordyceps, lion’s mane, maitake, shitake, reishi, and turkey tail are all types that have been shown to benefit immune health.

Read about the specific benefits of each supplement at

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