Guardian: Giving kids a break is the best way for them to ‘catch up’ after a year of disruption

8 March 2021
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Studies have shown that promoting wellbeing through play goes a long way to boost academic outcomes

Across the UK schools are again preparing for a phased or full return of pupils to the classroom. Most weary parents, compassionate teachers and lonely kids will be delighted to see this day come, but concerns remain about the effect that protracted school closures have had on our children and young people.

Much of the debate has focused on how to help pupils “catch up” on their “lost learning”. This narrative is profoundly unhelpful and potentially damaging, due to the psychological pressure  it places on children and young people.

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” … if our kids keep being told that they are the “Covid generation”, helpless victims in a “tsunami” of mental illness, at some point they are going to believe it.”

John McMullen writing in the Guardian

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