Daily Mail: What IS the truth about Covid deaths?

27 February 2021
Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash
  • Medical experts have demanded an inquiry into the number of fatalities that have been blamed on Covid-19
  • More than 100 Daily Mail readers wrote letters after Bel Mooney revealed her father’s death recorded as covid
  • Experts cited pressure on doctors to use Covid-19 as cause of death because it was ruled ‘notifiable disease’

Grieving families last night said deaths had been wrongly certified as Covid-19.

Demanding an inquiry, top medical experts and MPs also insisted they were ‘certain’ that too many fatalities were being blamed on the virus.

One funeral director said it was ‘a national scandal’. The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions over the spiralling death toll.

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‘When this all comes out in the wash, we will find out we have over-recorded Covid-19 as a cause of death.’

Professor Clare Gerada, former chairman of the Royal College of GPs

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